Pune grabs first position in Ease of Living Index

The "Ease of Living Index", released by Housing and Urban Affairs is based on four parameters including governance, social institutions, economic and physical infrastructure, further divided into 78 indicators.

111 Indian cities were ranked under the index, where "Pune" grabs the first position followed by Navi Mumbai and Greater Mumbai, national capital Delhi got 65th position. The cities of Patna and Rampur were at the bottom.

While preparing the index various parameters were taken into account to determine quality of life in each city, these parameters includes governance, identity, education, health, security, economy, employment, waste water and solid waste management, pollution, housing, mixed land use, power and water supply, transport, public open spaces etc.

The index, which was started in 2017, is based on information from the 2011 Census.

Scarcity of data or performance ?
Some cities scored a zero on certain parameters because there was no data collected at that level, to begin with. This indicates that the index says more about the scarcity of data rather than the poor performance of cities.

A score of zero more likely implies that the respective authorities didn’t provide the data that was required like public authorities don't always have the data from private hospitals.

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