Resolution to rename name of "West Bengal" to "Bangla"

A resolution is unanimously passed by state legislature of west Bengal to change the name of the state from "West Bengal" to "Bangla" in three languages - Bengali, English and Hindi, but the process for final approval will require an amendment to Schedule 1 of the constitution.

The reason behind the changes is said to be climbing the alphabetical sequence of state names in which West Bengal appears last in the list now, the centre is however in favour of changing the name to "Paschim Bango" instead of "Bangla".

Whenever such a resolution is passed it is sent to Union Home Ministry to prepare a note for the Union Cabinet to introduce a Constitution Amendment Bill in Parliament, which has to be approved with a simple majority, before the President gives his assent to it

A similar attempt was also made, back in 2016 to change the name to "Bengal in English", "Bangla in Bengali" and "Bangal in Hindi" which is turned down by centre in 2017, objecting to having three names in three languages.

Procedure to change the name of a state in India

According to Article 3 and 4 of the Constitution, a constitutional amendment bill should passed by the parliament to change the name of a state, such a bill can be introduced in either house of the parliament only on a prior recommendation of the President.

The bill so presented is than sent to concerning state legislature to express their views within a stipulated time, these views are however not binding to either president or parliament.

The bill should be passed by both houses of the parliament with a simple majority before sending it for the president's consent, the bill than becomes a law and the name of the state modifies.

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