India's tariff concessions to (Asia Pacific Trade Agreement) APTA

Why in news ?
As an opposite move than Trump's heavy tariffs policies on import, member states of "Asia Pacific Trade Agreement​(APTA)" got tariff concessions on 3,142 items from India.

More on news
India recently announced slashing of Import duties on 3142 items from Asia Pacific nations including China. A similar gesture was also shown by China few days back by slashing import tariffs on 8500 items.

Asia Pacific Trade Agreemment (APTA)

APTA formerly known as Bangkok agreement is a preferential trade agreement (PTA), between six member countries named Bangladesh, China, India, Laos, Korea and Sri Lanka.

APTA is the oldest preferential trade agreement between countries in the Asia-Pacific region. APTA is open to all members of the United Nations Economic and Social Commission for Asia and the Pacific.

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