World's first thermal battery plant started in India

World's first-ever thermal battery plant is recently inaugurated in in Andhra Pradesh state of India. The move will help in generating a new energy storage for commercial applications.

The energy created by the thermal battery plant owned by Bharat Energy Storage Technology Private Limited (BEST), will have a low carbon footprint and less dependent on external factors like weather.

What is Thermal battery?

A thermal energy battery is used for storing and releasing thermal energy. It allows for available energy to be temporarily stored and be released for use whenever necessary.

Traditional Lithium-ion battery works on the principal of electrical energy, where the system of charging-discharging cycles are driven by electricity.

On the other hand Thermal batteries works on the principal of thermal energy created by temperature differences. In thermal batteries heat travels from one part of the battery setup to the other, this transferred heat is store as energy.

A thermal battery consists of two parts: a cool zone known as sink, and a hot source called source. Both these sides consist of compounds known as phase-changing materials (PCMs), which can change their state of matter on the basis of a physical/chemical reaction.

In charging phase of the Thermal battery, the sink of the battery receives physically or chemically transferred heat from the source, this heat is stored as energy and the source cools down.

During operation or discharging phase, the sink transfers stored energy for usage and cooled down, while the source heats up.

Thermal batteries are very versatile in terms of deriving heat, required heat can be derived for these batteries from a number of different sources.

Applications of Thermal battery

Thermal battery storage is an efficient alternative to fossil fuels and is considered better than solar energy in some ways. It will have wide-ranging commercial applications like public transport systems, telecom grids and electric vehicles etc.

Thermal batteries can function as long as heat is available for them to operate, which can be helpful in power transmission to remote areas.

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