National Sports University Bill, 2018

Why such a bill is needed ?
The situation of sports administration in the country is bad, different officials has been found guilty of corruption on the one hand, while the sportsperson are not getting proper attention in respect of salary, steepened and food availability.

The funds allocated to the sports federations are not properly used.

In such a situation in order to encourage a sports culture and to improve the country's prospects in international competitions a comprehensive legislature was much needed.

National Sports University Bill, 2018

In a bid to set up first of its kind specialised varsity in Manipur to train athletes the Lok Sabha passed the "National Sports University Bill, 2018", the bill seeks to provide coaching, sports education and research in the proposed university to promote sports in the country.

An ordinance was also promulgated earlier this year to save interest of already enrolled students, the bill also seeks to replace it.

The proposed university will be set up at a cost of Rs 524 crore, where the vice-chancellor, and the university's academic council will consist of sportsperson.

According to National Sports University Bill, 2018, the university will be empowered to set up outlying campuses aimed to impart training to athletes, sports officials, referees, and umpires; throughout the country and also abroad.

The bill has a provision to hike the salary of the staff, while stipend and food allowances of sports persons will be increased by 100 per cent.

An agreement is also signed between Indian Government and two Australian universities ? University of Canberra and Victoria University, to make the university a world-class institution by developing curriculum, research facilities and laboratories.

Way ahead ?
The proposed bill is a welcome step taken by the government that seeks to establish an centre of excellence, sports university, but such a university should be autonomous in order to function properly while the current legislation indicates that the central government has the full authority and control over the institution.

There must be appropriate hike in the sports budget, and sports education should be made compulsory from school, doordarhan and other news channels should give proper attention to all the sports and provide advertisement space to all of them

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