Delhi govt vs lieutenant governor (LG) issue

Why in news ?
Supreme court is going to deliver verdict on Delhi Government-LG tussle, the pleas was filed by Delhi government against a Delhi High Court judgement holding the Lieutenant-Governor as the administrative head of the Capital.

In 1991, Delhi got special status to have its own democratically elected government and legislative assembly, this was done through 69th constitutional amendment.

In order to provide some kind of voice and governance to Delhi people, Article 239AA was added to constitution mandates that a Council of Ministers shall aid and advice the LG in his functions regarding laws made by the Legislative Assembly.

The whole controversy is moving around a proviso to Article 239AA (4), which mandates that "In case of any dispute between Delhi Government and LG, the later will inform the matter to President and by the time President has not taken any action and if the matter is urgent; LG can use its discretion powers to take immediate action"

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