The "aerogel" could help build Mars habitats

A transparent heat-resistant gel is developed by scientist using beer waste, the gel named as "aerogel" can be used to build greenhouse-like habitats for future human colonised on Mars.

What is "aerogel" ?

The "aerogel" is a transparent heat-resistant gel made from beer waste, it like a flattened plastic contact lens that can be used on buildings on Earth to help make huge savings on energy costs.

The transparent feature of the gel makes it even more useful and can be applied on windows and in extraterrestrial habitats, this way sunlight can be harvested through the thermally-insulating material while preventing heat.

Aerogel's thin film is made of crisscrossing patterns of solid material that trap air inside billions of tiny pores. this trapping capacity makes them such good insulators.

The uniform pattern of Aerogel makes the light to pass through unbothered, giving the gel its transparent appearance, they are also cheaper to produce because of coming from the beer waste.

A thin, flexible film of "aerogel" is roughly 100 times lighter than glass that can be used not only on windows but smart clothes, for insulating cars and protecting firefighters.

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