March-2018, Current affairs mcqs for UPSC, IAS, State PSC, SSC and other Exams

This page contains March 2018 Current Affairs Multiple choice Questions MCQs from different newspapers and magazines including The Hindu, Indian Express, PIB and Yojna.

These monthly (March 2018) current affairs MCQs are based on different exams syllabus and pattern including UPSC CSE/IAS, State PSC, SSC, CDS, CLAT and other competitive exams. These MCQs of daily news are evenly helpful in both prelims exams and to test one's preparation.


Which of the following state(s) of India shares border with Myanmar ?

1) Nagaland
2) Manipur
3) Mizoram
4) Arunachal Pradesh

1. 1 & 2 2. 1,2 & 4
3. 1,3 & 4 4. 1,2,3 & 4


Cabinet Committee on Security (CCS) in India, is headed by which of the following person ?

1. Prime Minister 2. President
3. Home Minister 4. Defence Minister


Which of the following is a narrow stretch of land, located in the Indian state of West Bengal, that connects India's northeastern states to the rest of India

1. Golden Quadrilateral Corridor 2. NSEW Corridor
3. Siliguri Corridor 4. Hinganghat Corridor


The Indian Navy Sailing Vessel, recently in news that is used for the first-ever Indian circumnavigation of the globe by an all-women crew is ?

1. INSV Kranj 2. INSV Tarini
3. INSV Kalveri 4. INSV Samudraratni


Which of the following is true about "The Fugitive Economic Offenders Bill, 2017", recently in news ?

1. Act disqualifies those declared as offenders from either filing or defending a civil claim in court. 2. Offences involving amounts of ?100 crore or more fall under the purview of this law.
3. Both 1 and 2 4. Neither 1 nor 2


"First Mega Food Park" recently in news is inaugurated in which of the following state of India ?

1. Maharashtra 2. Kerala
3. Uttarpradesh 4. Gujarat


Which of the following is largest habitat of "Irrawaddy dolphin" in India ?

1. Chilika, Odisha 2. Pulicat Lake, Andhra Pradesh
3. Kolleru Lake, Andhra Pradesh 4. Deepor Beel, Assam


Which of the following organisation is planning to build ‘igloos’ on Moon ?

3. Tesla 4. Google


"Gir Wildlife Sanctuary", recently in news is located in which of the following Indian state ?

1. Assam 2. Tamilnadu
3. Gujarat 4. Maharashtra


Which of the following statement(s) is true about "Justice Lodha committee", recently in news ?

1. BCCI should come under the RTI act. 2. Betting should be legalized, for the public (barring cricket players, officials and administrators).
3. Both 1 and 2 4. Neither 1 nor 2