Children sexual abuse in shelter homes

According to a survey submitted to the Union Social Justice Ministry, 1,575 children suffered sexual abuse before they were rescued and placed in child care institutions.

A national social audit of child care homes is being conducted by the National Commission for Protection of Child Rights (NCPCR), the audit will be completed by 2018.

According to Childline India Foundation a total of 3,68,267 children from Child Care Institutions (CCIs) are in need of care and protection.

Several sexually and physically abused children were were recently rescued from State government-funded homes in Bihar. The SC is monitoring the rehabilitation of the child victims.

Way Ahead
National social audit of child care homes will surely help in understanding and eradicating the children sexual abuse menace, but these audits and surveys should not be just about collecting statistics but an active evaluation of the conditions of the children in the homes.

These surveys should include interaction with children as well, to see if they are happy or unhappy. Audits should ensure the children are not only safe from sexual abuse but other issues like domestic work, labour, conflict and runaway problems.

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