The "e-Mor" software to bridge the gap between deaths registered and medically certified

National Centre for Disease Informatics and Research under the Indian Council of Medical Research (NCDIR-ICMR) has developed an software to capture the gap between deaths registered and deaths medically certifies called "electronic mortality (e-Mor)".

What is Electronic mortality (e-Mor) software ?

The e-Mor software is launched to address the concerns related to low quality of information and the lack of completeness on the cause of death. Existing system are able to record only the immediate cause of death and not the underlying contributing causes of death.

World Health Statistics 2018, released by the World Health Organisation Organisation (WHO) revealed that only 10 per cent registered deaths have complete and quality information about cause of death.

The Electronic mortality (e-Mor) software will help in reducing the gap in analysing mortality statistics by strengthening cause of death reporting systems in hospitals.

Impact of e-Mor on Hospitals

Now medical practitioners will be able to use appropriate tools provided bu "e-Mor" to improve death audits and better surveillance in India.

Eight hospitals has been selected from the northeastern states to use these softwares and state governments of Karnataka and Tamil Nadu are asked to implement these free of cost softwares in their hospitals.

Hospitals using the software will be able to maintain a mortality register to record accurate cause of death, issue death certificates, prepare Form 4 and generate Form 2, which can be submitted with the MCCD form to the Local Registrar.

Research and public health will also be improved with the software installation, vital event registration like survival analysis, cause of mortality statistics can be recorder using these software.

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