Live-streaming in Supreme Court

Why in news ?
A Supreme Court Bench, led by Chief Justice of India has recently supported live-streaming of court proceedings. An plea was filled in SC to make the bench proceedings public in nationally important cases.

More in news
In an earlier hearing SC has asked the Attorney General to assist the court on a plea to live-stream constitution bench proceedings in nationally important cases such as Aadhaar and decriminalisation of gay sex in the Supreme Court.

In a bid to enhance transparency, SC had earlier allowed the installation of CCTV video recording with audio in trial courts and tribunals.

The practice of live streaming in top court proceedings is already in place in many countries around the world, though they differed in their ways.

There are different versions in different countries such as allowing publication after a gap, banning recording of proceedings in trial courts to prevent witnesses compromise, publishing edited versions of the proceedings, record the proceedings but not to air it in public or providing transcripts of proceedings.

Historically, a number of judges were reluctant to the idea because the camera will capture everything including verbal non deciding talks between a judge and lawyers.

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